Daily Life

Here at Field Farm House, our Residents can relax, socialise, and spend time in nature.



We promote independence and encourage Resident involvement in planning their own daily schedules, including when they wake, eat and sleep.



Our Residents are offered a choice of nutritious meals, freshly prepared by our in-house team of professional chefs. Residents are served three meals a day, in addition to a mid-morning snack and afternoon tea. 



Activities are scheduled based on Residents interests. Typical activities include:

Arts and Crafts.

Electronic games such as bowling, tennis and word searches.

TV shows, films and music.

Bingo and board games.

Quizzes and singalongs.

Walks in the surrounding countryside.

Visiting entertainers and musicians.

Visits from animal petting zoos.

Shopping trips and outings to local garden centres.



In addition to seasonal and festive events, we also celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with our Residents.


Residents are free to partake in whichever activities they wish and suggestions are welcome. 

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